• How to Upgrade Debian to Debian Bullseye using the CLI

    How to Upgrade Debian to Debian Bullseye using the CLI

    Generally, we update to the new version of Debian, it installs the new version of Ganeti, we do a little gnt-cluster upgrade, and it rolls.

    Alas, not for Debian Bullseye (Debian 11)! Indeed, the Debian update releases the packages relating to Ganeti 2.16, leaving only the Ganeti 3 files in place. However, you need the old binaries to update to the new ones!

    So, before switching to Bullseye, install ganetiganeti-3.0ganeti-haskell-3.0and ganeti-htools-3.0from the buster backports and upgrade the ganeti cluster to 3.0 ( gnt-cluster upgrade --to=3.0).

    apt install ganeti ganeti-3.0 ganeti-haskell-3.0 ganeti-htools-3.0 -t buster-backports

    You can then update the machines to Bullseye with peace of mind.

    NB: it is said in the release notes of Ganeti that Ganeti must be updated to version 2.16.2 in order to be able to update to version 3.0 . Debian doesn’t provide a 2.16.2 version (just 2.16.0–5), but they’ve made it work (it’s in the list of changes when updating to Bullseye), don’t worry.